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Registration rights must be specifically requested, and at buyer’s cost. All males are neutered before placement. All females are spayed at 16 weeks, or leave on a strict spay contract if sold prior. 
$100 nonrefundable deposit reserves your piglet of choice until designated pickup date.


A select few breeders are ever chosen throughout the year. Males and females are of course sold unaltered and with appropriate registration.
$100 nonrefundable deposit reserves your piglet of choice until designated pickup date.


I reserve the right to refuse any sale, and may do so at any time.
All reserve deposits are nonrefundable, unless loss of piglet while still in my care.
Deposits are forfeited if pickup date has passed and no other arrangement has been made on buyer’s end.
All piglets are sold on contract. No exceptions.


At this time, we do not offer air shipping. We do however offer ground transport at buyer’s expense, and arrangements must be made well in advance to ensure availability. 
Piglets being sold in the state of Georgia may leave at 6 weeks. Those being sold to outside residents must wait until 8 weeks, per state policy.


Spay contracts strictly operate on monetary deposits, along with temporarily withheld registration rights. This is to ensure the upholding of contractual agreement.
Each pet quality female piglet that leaves without first being spayed goes only on spay contract. This entails a spay deposit (amount can vary for each piglet) and withheld registration. Piglet must be spayed by 5 months of age to qualify for returned deposit. Upon verification, that predetermined spay deposit is then returned to buyer in full via PayPal. Thusly, registration rights are also then released.