All of our JPAR registered Julianas are sold as “pet only.” None are ever sold as breeders.  All piglets are spayed/neutered, dewormed, and microchipped. Registration rights leave with spayed/neutered piglets only. If for some reason a spay/neuter is not performed before pickup, piglet will leave on an enforceable spay/neuter contract.
 $150 deposit required to reserve, which is applied toward total cost of $700.


PET: Pet quality Kunekune males (barrows) leave vet neutered, with females (gilts) on spay contract. They are all dewormed. Registration and microchipping can be done for an additional $50 fee. 
TO RESERVE, a $75 deposit is required, which is applied toward total cost. Prices range on average from $400-$600, and depend on color/markings, wattles, snout, size, male/female, and age.

BREEDER: A select few are ever chosen throughout the year, and available to qualifying breeders only. Piglets are of course sold unaltered, dewormed, microchipped, and with AKPR registration rights. 
TO RESERVE, a $75 deposit is required, and is applied toward total cost. Prices range from $500-$700, and depend on bloodline, male/female, color/markings, wattles, snout, and age.


We can proudly claim that all of our crosses are from registered stock. 

PET: Every male piglet leaves vet neutered. Females leave on strict spay contract. Microchipping available at an additional $25. Registration not offered. Pedigree can be provided for spayed/neutered piglets upon request.
TO RESERVE: $75 deposit is required, and applied toward total cost of $550.


Spaying and neutering is absolutely essential in pet pigs. Please refer to our FAQS page for additional information.

Our goal is to have all of our pet quality piglets to leave from our premises already spayed or neutered. There is however sometimes the need for spay/neuter contract, detailed in these three reasons: (1) a piglet may be too small to have the procedure done before pickup, (2) simply a conflict in scheduling thru our vet, or (3) a buyer may request to have procedure done at their vet of preference vs our own vet.

Each deposit varies between the breeds, but typically ranges between $200-$400. A spay/neuter deposit operates on monetary value, and with held registration rights. This is to FULLY ensure buyer completes mentioned procedure and upholds their responsibility on contract. Once spay/neuter is completed within specified timeframe and appropriate documentation has been submitted to us, and verified, the spay/neuter deposit is returned IN FULL via PayPal within one business day, along with released registration rights.