All are from purebred, DNAed, and registered stock, thru AKPR and/or AKKPS.

NON BREEDING STOCK: All males are vet neutered (barrowed). All females (gilts) leave on spay contracts, with spay deposit reimbursed after completion of procedure. The spay deposit amount is 10% of purchase price. Prices range from $300-$550. All are dewormed. Registration/pedigree/microchipping can be provided for sterile piglets only, at an additional $50 charge. 

BREEDING: Only a few select breeders are chosen throughout the year. These are of course sold unaltered, microchipped, and with appropriate registration rights. Prices range from $500-$800.

HOMESTEAD QUALITY: Very occasionally, we have breeding stock not up to registerable standards, and therefore best suited for homesteads interested in breeding but without registration/future sales of piglets. These have the same investment as my registered stock, but do leave without the paperwork/guarantees. All are dewormed and intact. 

*$50 deposit required to reserve on any Kunekune*


All of our Juliana are produced from JPAR registered stock. These are the smallest pigs we raise, and litters are extremely limited.
All are spayed/neutered, dewormed, microchipped and JPAR registerable.
Males, $700.Females, $750.
*$150 deposit required to reserve.*


We can proudly claim all of our crosses are directly from registered stock. Litters are limited.

NON BREEDING- All males are vet neutered. All females leave on spay contract. All are dewormed.  

Males- $450, vet neutered before pickup.
Females- $550, with a $50 reimbursement after spay procedure (must be completed by 5 months of age to qualify).