We offer ground transport at buyer’s expense, and arrangements must be made well in advance to ensure availability. 

We occasionally do our own transport up to 300 miles from Atlanta GA, with our rates being very affordable, in terms of shipping methods.   If you are outside of the radius, we can always meet you.  We do have the potential to deliver further, dependent entirely on location, as only a few are offered at this time.  Inquire for estimate on transport cost. Please include location in your request.  Prices fluctuate based on current travel costs.

With us, you don’t have to worry about layovers, stops, and extra stress on your piglet. We come directly to you, and we are able to care for your piglet the entire way.

Piglets being sold in the state of Georgia may leave at 6 weeks. Those being sold to outside residents must wait until 8 weeks, per state policy. A CVI (Certificate of Vet Inspection) and microchipping is needed to travel outside of Georgia with your pig, and buyer’s responsibility. Inquire for our assistance.