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I reserve the right to refuse any sale, and may do so at any time.

My property is private, and I reserve the right to keep it as such. 

The safety and privacy of my family and property is of utmost priority, and will not, for any reason, be compromised. 

Posted prices do not decrease over time. 

In fact, prices increase as piglets age past 10 weeks, to compensate for the extra care, feed, and medical costs incurred.

All displayed prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not change once deposit is placed, however.

Price displayed does not include any potentially additional fees, such as shipping/transport/CVI.

Buyer is responsible for cost of CVI, if applicable- inquire for our assistance if desired.

All reserve deposits are nonrefundable, unless loss/death/injury of piglet before pickup.     Deposits are forfeited if pickup date has passed and no other arrangement has been made on buyer’s end.

Buyer on waitlist must make decision within 48 hours after notification of availability. Those that do not respond within noted timeline risk forfeiting their deposit and placement. 

Any previously arranged long distance TRANSPORT FEES must be paid IN FULL before we transport any animal, regardless of/in addition to any reserve/hold deposit that you may have already placed. 

Transport fee is seperate from purchase price, and must be paid in full atleast 24 hours prior to departure date/time. 

This is to ensure buyer follows thru on agreement and we are not left waiting somewhere out of town at our expense, for a “no show”

All piglets receive iron injections and dewormed routinely with both Safegaurd & Ivermectin. Buyer is required to deworm again within the first month of ownership.

Policies: Policies
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