I reserve the right to refuse any sale, and may do so at any time.

My property is private, and I reserve the right to keep it so. Bio security is of UTMOST importance on our farm.  At this time, farm visits are only scheduled 1-2 times a year, and never involve touching of animals, or entering their living/eating/field areas. Absolutely no one currently owning or working around other swine is allowed on farm property.

Future weights of piglets are never guaranteed, expressed or implied. It is an incredibly unethical practice to promise a future size for a pig that can vary due to so many outside factors. Considering the sizes of mature pig parents (5+ years old) can help gauge how a piglet may turn out. Do not ever underfeed a pig to keep them small. Pigs that receive healthy portions of adequate feed, fresh and abundant water, frequent grazing, and daily exercise/physical activity are the most likely to fall into the same weight range as parents.

Price never decreases over time. Prices increase as piglet ages past 10 weeks, to compensate for the extra care, feed, and medical costs incurred.

Price displayed does not include any potentially additional fees, such as shipping/transport/CVI.

All reserve deposits are nonrefundable, unless loss/death/injury of piglet before pickup.     Deposits are forfeited if pickup date has passed and no other arrangement has been made on buyer’s end.

There is sometimes a need for spay/neuter contract for three reasons: (1) a piglet may be too small to have the procedure done before pickup, (2) simply a conflict in scheduling thru our vet, or (3) a buyer may request to have procedure done at their vet of preference vs our own vet.

Each deposit varies between the breeds, but typically ranges between $200-$400. A spay/neuter deposit operates on monetary value only, and with held registration rights. This is to FULLY ensure buyer completes mentioned procedure and upholds their responsibility on contract. Once spay/neuter is completed within specified timeframe and appropriate documentation has been submitted to us, and verified, the spay/neuter deposit is returned IN FULL via PayPal within one business day, along with released registration rights.

All displayed prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not change once deposit placed, however.

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