Livestock Breeder, specializing in registered miniature breeds of pigs.

We are a small scale operation with focus on producing healthy pigs from registered stock only. We are members of the AKPR and JPAR. Our Kunekune and Juliana are all purebred, pedigreed, and registered.





Miss Charlotte is JPAR registered and our premier Juliana sow. She is 5+ years old, under 75 pounds, and 15” tall. She is fully mature and a wonderful size.  *She is one week post partum here, so please give a little grace on that baby belly.
DOB 06/2014


Wilbur is 5+ years old, and our Juliana stud. He is JPAR registered, weighing under 80 pounds, and 16” tall. With tusks and all, he is still a very sweet boy, and loves for his ears to be rubbed behind.
DOB 09/2013



Pebbles is a Jenny sow an estimated 130 pounds, ginger/black, double wattled, and AKPR registered. With each litter, she has proven to be an excellent mother and produces colorful piglets. Kunekune are incredibly docile pigs, and she is no exception.
DOB 06/2016


AKPR registered, handsome build, and insanely sweet personality. Jerry Garcia is a our studly Mahia Love boar.
DOB 10/2018



Buffy is a double wattled Sally bred Kunekune and my ideal producer of pet quality piglets. She is over 3 years old and well under 100 pounds. Very petite girl, with a personality to make up for it! Her color varies from a rich cream to an almost strawberry blonde at times.
DOB 8/2016


Reba is AKPR and daughter of Pebbles. She is on the smaller end of Kunekunes. Reba has a stand out personality, beautiful face, wattles, and a bright ginger/black coloration. 
DOB 10 2018



Oh Fernie- what a sweet but quiet soul. She is 15” tall, JPAR registered, sister to Miss Charlotte, and 5+ years old. Though under 80 pounds, she is my full figured goddess, and has always seemed to carry her weight differently than her sister. Luckily, Jerry Garcia has a thing for curvy girls. ❤️
DOB 06/2014


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Our shared family farm is located on the Oostanala River and foothills of the Appalachians. 
All of our animals are free range, to the most feasible extent. The pigs share well sewn pastures with mini cows and Nigerian Dwarf goats, and enjoy access to streams and wooded areas. Our various chickens and Ancona ducks forage in the woods, stream beds, and open fields. The rabbits have hutches on the ground only, and tractored daily. Even our Poodles are free range farm hands.
Livestock is typically removed from pasture during birthing and up to the first 2-4 weeks after, just depending. Males are always separate, other than instances of a selected breeding. We’d keep them together, but don’t care to mass produce.

Otherwise, they own the land just as much as we do.