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Livestock Breeder, specializing in registered miniature breeds of pigs.

We are a small scale operation with focus on producing quality pigs from registered stock only. We are members of the IKHR (AKPR), AKKPS, and JPAR. Our Kunekune and Juliana are purebred, pedigreed, and registered. The newest addition to our program are the crosses between registered stock that we have been selectively working on for several years, and methodically incorporating into our regular production lines.

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All of our Kunekune are purebred, pedigreed, DNA verified via UC Davis, and registered thru AKKPS and/or AKPR/IKHR. 

They are as follows:

Jerry Garcia.
AKKPS 12960.
AKPR 10268.
DOB 10/12/2018.
Mahia Love x Sally.
Our handsome herd sire; perfect in every way. Strong, capable, and delightfully personable.


Reba McIntyre.

AAKPS 13191.

AKPR 10277.

DOB 10/1/2018.

Jenny x Mahia Love.

Double wattled, bright ginger/black, beautiful build, easy farrower, and hardy.

Miss Minnie Porker.

AKKPS 13192.

AKPR 12767.

DOB 4/24/19.

Sally x BH Tutaki.

Double wattled, beautiful patterns and build, and daughter to Buffi & Darrowby, an idealistic combination!


Pamela Anderson.



DOB 6/3/2021.

Sally x Te Whangi.

Double wattled, solid cream and compact- this one has been a long time in the making!! Last available offspring of the largely adored Buffi The Acorn Slayer and Elvis Presley. Buffi (retired) is an extra petite Kunekune, and Pamela is even more so! 

All of our Juliana are purebred, pedigreed, and registered with the JPAR Juliana registry. They are as follows:


Sir Pig Newton.
JPAR 050120EGF001.
DOB: 5/1/2020.
The perfect replacement for Wilbur!

Madame Piggy Pudding.

JPAR 102019PPGA001.

DOB 10/20/2019.

Daughter of Charlotte and Wilbur, and utter perfection in such a small package. AKA Lovey.


Oh for the love of crossing!

Where we take our registered stock and methodically create our own selectively desired offspring. Some higher percentage Kunekune, some higher percentage Juliana, and some perfectly split down the middle. We’re taking the personality and size traits of each, and honing in on those benefits, to create a very docile, lovable, and slightly miniaturized variety of swine.

They are as follows:

Perdita Pig.

DOB 3/2020.

Oh my heart. Miss Perdita is my spirit animal and completes me. She is the best of both worlds. Perdita is our first “home grown” Kunekune x Juliana cross, and from fully registered lines to boot. 

(50% Kunekune & 50% Juliana)


Olivia Snootin John.

DOB 4/2021.

Both of Buffi’s strong solid cream and petite sized genes handed down in full fruition! Granddaughter of IKHR/AKKPS Kunekune Buffi the Acorn Slayer, and JPAR Juliana Wilbur, giving a double whammy on the mini size. Daughter of Kunini Perdita & IKHR/AKKPS Kunekune Elvis Presley.

Very petite!

(75% Kunekune & 25% Juliana).

Barbara Streisand.

DOB: 2/2021.

Double wattled, and a near Perdita look alike. Daughter of JPAR Juliana Charlotte & AKKPS/IKHR Kunekune Elvis.

(50% Kunekune & 50% Juliana)


Our past foundational herd stock, no longer in current production. Remembering and appreciating their traits, pedigrees, and contributions dedicated to this program. 

As follows:

JPAR 090713BBH001.
DOB: 9/7/2013.


JPAR 062814BBH001.
DOB: 6/28/14.

Elvis Presley.

AKKPS 15129.

AKPR 3692.

DOB: 3/6/14.


Buffi the Acorn Slayer.
AKKPS 3976.

AKPR 5176.

DOB: 8/22/2016.

Priscilla Presley.

AAKPS 10864.

AKPR 18957.

DOB: 8/2/2019.

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